Varieties of Baskets


Varieties of Baskets

A basket is an open-and-closed container that is usually made of strong twine and is made of a variety of materials, such as rope, wood, and plastic runners. Typically, when people think of a basket they think of using it to carry loose flowers. In fact, baskets are very versatile and you can use them to carry almost anything. Some examples of baskets you might not have thought of include the following:

*A plait basket, which is also known as a headband basket. These types of baskets have a wire frame with the openings at the bottom filled with plaits or small strings. The strings run in a back and forth motion, so the flowers can flow freely. These types of baskets can be used to drape clothing over, as in the case of a headband. To make these plaits you must first purchase a plait hook, which has two long pieces of metal bent into the shape of hooks (much like a hook or a lock). Then you can sew or crimp the hooks into a variety of shapes, depending on what kind of plait your design will be.

*A basketry purse, sometimes called a hank purse, is a basket that consists of one long piece of material that is twisted tightly. There are many varieties of this type of basketry. One example of this type is the hank purse, which has small drawstring pouches at the top. To make this type of basketry, you must cut long strips of soft cloth, such as wool or cotton, into long lengths and sew them together. This is then woven into a plait, much like how a typical basket is made.

*A container made of cloth is known as a bag. A number of different types of baskets, such as wicker baskets, can also be called bags. Bags are usually found in storage units where they can serve as decorative containers for personal belongings. Many people also choose to use these baskets in order to store their tools in while they are away from home. The number of handles an individual has on a bag is called its size.

*A container made of metal is known as a basket. These types of baskets come in many forms. These may be simple square or rectangular baskets, woven baskets, or even bottle carriers. Most of the time, a person will have a preference between one of these various types. In any event, there are a number of museums around the world that display a variety of types of containers that are displayed.

Basketry is a popular art form among many groups. You will often see it incorporated into museum art displays and gift baskets that are sent to homes as gifts. A basket is used in a wide variety of settings and can be created out of a number of different types of materials. The most commonly used material types include twine, sisal, beads, leather, cloth, paper, plastic, metal, and other natural fibers.