Sports News Outlets Give Us College Football Predictions for December 6th & Beyond

Sports journalism is a specialized form of reporting that covers events pertaining to sports, games and sports related news. Sports journalism began in the late 1800s when it initially was aimed at the upper class and progressed gradually into a mainstream element of the media business with papers having dedicated sports sections for reporting all major sports events. Today it has become one of the most popular forms of journalism, particularly in America and Britain.

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This year looks set to be another good year for sports coverage, with the Super Bowl set to be held in December. The NFL playoffs are also underway and the World Series is around the corner. As usual coverage of these high profile sporting events is of great interest to sports journalists wanting to break the story before the event occurs. A good example was the recent leak of details on a planned new football stadium in England, which was later on confirmed by the authorities.

This month will see the start of the college football season with the first week of action taking place at the beginning of December. The matches for this week include the champion college football program, the defending national champion Alabama Crimson Tide and perennial powerhouse Oklahoma State Cowboys. Who will emerge as the victor? A number of factors will come into play with the winner being the bookmakers favourite, the betting odds makers and many fans. A look at the betting odds can give us an indication of who to follow and who should we avoid betting against.

This week’s games have featured some exciting matches that have featured notable personalities. For the opening game between the No. 1 ranked Stanford Cardinal and No. 2 ranked USC Trojans, the score was not even in doubt with the Cardinal scoring twice in a remarkable comeback win to take the lead in what was a very tight College Football Playoff race.

Following that big game, the Miami Hurricanes were also able to win their final regular season game to take the division lead for the Big 12 title game. The win over the Florida Gators put the underdogs in the lead for the conference, but which team is really the biggest threat to the Miami Hurricanes? The Florida Gators are the obvious choice to represent the Southeastern Conference in the college football playoff. However, the Hurricanes have also displayed some great football skills this season and they hold the chance of challenging for the Big 12 title with their undefeated regular season record. Both teams have plenty of reasons to be optimistic heading into December 6th.

As the college football season progresses and groups begin to build their championship contenders, it’s a good time to start thinking about the college football playoffs. Although most of you might be focused on the upcoming major tournaments like the Bowl Championship Series, you shouldn’t overlook the other non-conference games. Most of these games have been known to feature powerful contenders and could have a huge impact on either the conference standings or national seedings. The most important thing for this season is that you remember to check in on the Miami Hurricanes regularly. You can do that by signing up for an online newsletter that will keep you up to date on all of the latest developments on the team!