A Brief History of Professional Sports and How They Are Viewed by Everyone

A sports movie is a fictional film genre which makes use of sports as the central story point of the movie. It’s a fictional production where a specific sport, sporting occasion, player, or supporter of that sport are heavily involved, and that rely heavily on sport to an extent for their storyline resolution or symbolic meaning. It could be about a football match, ice hockey game, basketball, tennis, or any other sport which people may associate with a particular team or individual. The plot of most such movies revolves around a single, central character, the sport that they support, or an ongoing event/sport which they are a part of. This is one of the reasons why movies of this kind have become so popular over the years.


A sports movie can include almost any type of physical exertion or sport activity. It can be about a high profile athlete who is the star of the story, and whose achievements and personality are the subject of the movie. It can also be about something as mundane as a local high school football game, or the everyday lives of ordinary people who are a part of some sort of sport activity. The type of activity is not often relevant as it is the fact that whatever activity is being depicted happens to involve some type of physical exertion or sport activity. The characters themselves may be sports people themselves, or they may be people who are very talented in a given sport but are not good at managing their time, energy, and skills to focus on and excel at that sport.

One example of a movie which takes place in a completely fictitious, but highly relevant, setting but is about sports is The Secret. In this movie an American athlete from track and field, Lauren Blyton, competes in the International Olympics. The reason for her participation is due to an injury she sustained while playing tennis, and as a result of that she is left with physical limitations which she has to contend with throughout the duration of the competition. Throughout the movie both her coach and the American crew she was training with are supportive and helpful, and allow her the motivation she needs to excel at the competition.

Another example of a movie which portrays a common form of physical activity but nevertheless takes place in a completely different context is the aforementioned movie about American football. The film Invictus features one of the most physically fit athletes of our time as America’s Mr. Olympic athlete; diver Tom Arnold. Although he is a professional diver he is nonetheless a member of the football league’s Denver Broncos. He is also an avid football and soccer fan, which is represented by his passion for both American football and the Spanish football league.

Other examples of movies which feature sports actions or even the recreation of sports activities are the following: The Perfect Game, Bodyguard, Breakout, Collateral, and Insomnia. All of these movies take place in the professional/international sports arena, but each one varies depending on who the actor or actress is portraying. For example, the heroine of the Bodyguard film has to cope with being involved in a violent relationship with a drug dealer. Similarly, Tom Arnold’s American football player struggles to balance his desire for football and his feelings for his girlfriend, played by Jennifer Aniston.

Although many people might feel that the entertainment industry isn’t really all that concerned with issues concerning physical activity, this isn’t entirely true. There are many governing bodies throughout the world who are dedicated to ensuring that people have access to sports which help develop their mental and physical abilities. For example, the PGA is largely responsible for the development of the sport of golf, which has grown in popularity over the past thirty years. In addition, The Bodyguard Association is committed to protecting the rights of professional athletes, as well as encouraging people to participate in competitive sports for the purposes of health and physical fitness. While it may not seem like such a big issue now, the day will come when people will look back upon these films and wonder what they could have possibly done to make such things happen.